QAD Competence Center

ERP is first an attitude; second, a process, and only third, a set of tools.

QAD Competence Center

Since 2010, Bsi Advising has built a solid reputation in the QAD market thanks in large part to the dedication of our customers and people. We have developed a wide breadth of experience across all industries where QAD SE, QAD EE or other versions of MFG/PRO are a logical fit. We have helped clients successfully complete hundreds of projects locally, nationally and world-wide.

We believe our company is different. We believe our independent approach, our business process expertise, our deep industry experience and our in-depth product knowledge make us uniquely qualified to help QAD customers maximize the value they gain from their QAD investment while at the same time minimizing risk.

In addition, because we do not resell QAD EE or QAD SE software, we can objectively look at how QAD best fits your business and which version makes the most sense. Because our experience and expertise lies inside as well as outside the QAD space, we can look at your entire business from a business process lens versus a software package lens. This becomes particularly important as your business and business processes stretch beyond your QAD solution. It also puts us in a position to objectively advise you on appropriate modules, functionality, bolt-on packages and other utilities.

Finally, when the project has been successfully completed, you will have a consulting partner that truly understands your business as you look to achieve gains in areas outside your QAD solution. The time investment we both will have made can continue paying dividends because we already intimately understand your business. This can apply to projects such as supply chain optimization.

What We Do :

  • QAD Consulting Services
  • QAD Optimization
  • QAD Administration
  • QAD Business Process Design
  • QAD Assessement
  • QAD Upgrades
  • QAD Training
  • QAD Programming Interfaces
  • QAD Support

If you are an existing user of QAD and your annual support is currently being provided by another QAD partner, why not log your details on the right and we would be more than happy to contact you and discuss our support options and QAD services. Conatct us