Project Managment

Project Managment

Project / program Management

Business solutions implementations as ERP are difficult. It’s helpful to have a partner in coordinating and managing all the moving parts. We will find you the right business management solution for your needs and our consultancy team will support you.

Providing a truly full-service implementation often extends beyond general training and systems consultancy to a more complete project managed environment. Given the extensive experience held by Bsi within the IT industry, we are delighted to offer a range of project managed options covering all areas of IT and business related environments.

Whether these projects are finance, supply or IT related, we have the expertise to offer advice, co-ordination and above all a focus on the “task in hand”. Our dedicated consultancy team will provide the expertise, experience and co-ordination to ensure the smooth running of the project and the continued attention to detail required in today’s competitive market.

People, Process & Technology:

We knows that Business solution implementation projects are not merely technology projects; they are fundamentally business projects that require appropriate technology. Our experience has shown us that the principal points of failure in any implementation are related to process and people issues. This is why our implementation methodology balances technical tasks with process- and people-centric activities.

What We Deliver

We employ a team-based approach because a diverse set of skills maximizes success. We have team members and partners with expertise in the disciplines required for successful implementation: application, technology & architecture, process management, change management and project management.

Once you’ve selected the right business management solution for your needs, our consultancy team will support you through the implementation by:

  • Providing budget, specification and project documentation
  • Working on a project plan to assist with on time and on budget delivery
  • Provide risk assessement and mitigation plan
  • easing with any 3rd party organisation
  • Resolving issues that arise via our dedicated support desk
  • Providing ongoing support and account management